Windows XP Stalls on Boot Up

Today I ran into a problem I somehow created when I tried to upgrade to a larger hard drive. My 120GB HD was nearly maxed out and I tried to copy all files and system to a larger drive using WD's Lifeguard software. Something happened along the way and the new drive would not boot (missing NTLDR message) and now the old drive with all my data won't boot either. Windows XP starts but stalls. The cursor appears and is active but XP won't complete the boot up. I've tried booting in safe mode and that does not work either. Nor does using the last known good configuration. I suspect a hardware conflict was somehow created on moving the system files to the new hard drive, but I can't get the old drive to boot at all to be able to change the hardware setup. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. listions to this lol intresting quetion :)
  2. Repair install is your only option at this point.
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