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Hi, i am having some issues with installing MS Office Home & Student Version 2007 onto a relatively new Windows Vista laptop. the laptop is probably around 2 months old, Dell Core2Duo, 2GB RAM etc etc so spec is plenty high enough. the same disc has installed and activated fine on 2 other laptops (the home and student version can be installed on up to 3 home computers).

The problem is that the setup goes most of the way through, and then never completes, and never shows an error. i have left it overnight. the only way out is to click the close button at the top right, which says "are you sure you want to exit setup" with yes/no options. I have tried installing the same program from the trial download from the MS website, and it does exactly the same thing, so it isnt the CD drive.

any suggestions? more info needed?
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  1. Update on previous post...

    the installation has now worked successfully. not sure exactly what it was, but here's what i did and hope this may help others:
    - i set it to show hidden files and show protected operating system files (tools > folder options)
    - i deleted the HIDDEN folder 'config.msi' which was in the root of the hard drive
    - in C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Temp i deleted the entire contents. on this computer it reported that there were 3 files in use so i had to boot into safemode to delete them

    then i retried the installation and it worked.
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