Why wonty ubuntu show my full drive space

my ubuntu says i have 1.4GB left on my drive space altho its a split partition with windows vista each have 125gb each for space soon as i go into host file it says i have 115GB free space how comes it wont let me use it

and help would be great
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  1. Does windows say you have 125gb left, and ubuntu says it has 1.4gb? Ubuntu is probably telling you how much space you have left on its partition, and windows is telling how much space is free on its partition.

    If you can access your windows partition you can run the following command

    df -h

    at a command prompt and it will tell you some detailed information about the currently mounted filesystems. There will be several listed, but the ones your worried about are mounted at / and then wherever your windows partition gets mounted, probably in /mnt (I'm not ubuntu friendly, so I don't know their default mount location, sorry)
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