need help get 1680-1050 resolution onto new vista PC

hi guys just got a new PC today and i cant seem to figure out how to get 1680-1050 resolution for vista.. here spec of my PC

here link for the spec :

and the LCD is Gateway FPD2185W 21in

please help me figure out how to get that resolution onto window vista
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  1. right click on the desktop and go to personilise the option to change ur screen res will be in there cant remember which one it is as im at work and im using xp atm BOOO
  2. Right click the desktop => Personalize => => Display Settings
  3. ya i tried it...all it give me was 1600x1200 is the highest ..need help
  4. OK - Next step is to go to the software for your video card. What card are you running? If it's integrated, there's a possibility 16x12 could be the highest it will go...
  5. make sure your monitor has been properly detected

    I had this issue once and when I attached a DVI cable instead of a VGA it went away for some reason
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