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excuse me for asking, I know I will get flamed. But I need to find out what my 15 yr old kids are doing on this machine.
Windows XP home edition. SP3.
Firefox 3.0
Explorer 7
spybot search and destroy
avg virus tool

Somehow they are going to some site that is wrecking the machine,,slowing it down terribly.

They tell me one thing but the few crumbs I find are disturbing.

Is there something I can load (I am admin) temporarily to help me find out what is going on?
(worst fear is illegal music, porn, predators...etc)
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  1. Create a limited account for each kid. Delete any of their admin accounts. Change your admin account password to a strong one.

    Don't know about home, but pro has an event log viewer in control panel, admins. It shows everything that has gone on. Like who logged in & out & when, what was installed & when, etc. Your router should have a log as well.

    FF3 needs at least adblock & noScript add-ons, but they can be disabled by users.

    IE needs IE7 pro (free) that works like FF add-ons with a dozen of add-ons.

    Deep Freeze or something like that will work in your situation. It's a tool that turns windows into a read-only state. Upon next restart, all craps will be gone. It ain't free, I think.

    The best free tool for this situation would be a live OS like Linux. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, works great. Yup, it's slow. THAT is the point. If the kids are impatient, they won't spend too much time on the pc. Also, a live OS doesn't write stuff to harddisks. You can disable the harddisk in BIOS & password-protect bios. When you get home, you enable it and boot into windows. :D
  2. In this case I don't recommend live cd's as these could lead to even greater freedom.

    If possible may be if you relocated the PC to a more visible location it may deter them from improper use,

    You may also find something useful here.
  3. If you have another computer on a network you can view what they are doing by using the free version of VNC software.
  4. If you have an idea of what sites they're going to, I could supply you with a simple method to keep them permanently off those sites. PM me if necessary or post back here and I can explain.

    There is software out there you can install and hassle with, but if its just websites, that can be changed easily. Your ISP may even have a piece of software they can give you to limit access.

    You can check your browser's history to find websites. If you're concerned about programs like Instant Messengers, you can block those programs or uninstall them.
  5. There are alot of free 'keylogging' software tools available as well. Tools that when installed track all the keystrokes that the computer makes, saves them to an invisible log file, and then that log file is accessed via a passphrase from another application.

    This will allow you to see that "hot porn" was typed into internet explorer or "free screen savers and ring tones" was typed into Firefox.

    You can tie this to the user id as well. So "johnny" typed "ring tones" into firefox with time stamps. So you know when, where, and what was typed into the browser.

    Good luck.
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