Would like some help with a brisbane o/c

Hello I am wanting to o/c my x2 4000+ brisbane ?
I have tried googeling for tips or guides but no luck . any help will be much appreciated. I am a newbie to amd ocing since my last system was an athlon xp 2200.

My system
biostar tforce 550 am2
x2- 4000+
2 1 gb sticks of patriot ddr2 6400 low latency
currently 4-4-4-12
ac64 pro cooler
xfx 7900gs
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  1. hey well i would first start out by reading the OC AMD64 guide on the forumz, and that will give you some good tips on where to go, and being dual core really doesnt change much as far as the guide goes...
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