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Hello,i am an engineering student,working on my first os project in linux using gcc compiler.
and the project definition goes like this-Given a C file and it's executable, the program(which should also be in C)should contain the features as
1) finding all the system calls used by the program and their corresponding lines in the code.
2)Listing the line of a code whenever the value of a variable changes and also the other variables being affected by
3)with the help of command line arguements,showing signals,interrupts and other flow changes like
loop,jump,conditional statements and also showing their effects.
4)finding out independent sections of a program i.e finding out boundary sections of code which can run parallely or
5)finding out time spent by the program on different sections of code.

P.S. I am not asking the members of this community to make the code for me.Any help/suggestions provided by you would be very helpful.
Thank you.
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  1. looking for something like this?
  2. nightcrawler did you did it?
    i need help for the same project too.
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