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I have managed to install Ubuntu 10.10 along side Windows 7. However, I have decided to revert back to Windows 7. So I deleted the partitions with Linux as per a guide over the internet and then proceeded to use the bootsect.exe nt/60 SYS /mbr to restore the BOOTMGR.

The cmd says that it is fixed, however when I try to boot without the WIndows 7 installation disk it says BOOTMGR failed and I have to restart.

I then booted with my Windows 7 disk and thought I would extend the parition back with the Linux's parition free space. However, the option was blocked and when I tried to create another parition from the Linux's old paritition it produced an error. I deleted the partitions -- except one NTFS parition (has nothing to do with systems, it was a normal parition D:\) but again, the extend doesn't work.

Now I have a free 17 GB unallocated space and another 7 GB of unallocated space. I click on the 17 GB one and choose create parition it divides it up into 100 MB for system and the rest for Primary parition; neither of which can be extended with that 7 GB partation that produces the error.

I tried to go into DOS without the CD but it says BOOTMNGR failed. I tried from the command prompt using the cd to type fdisk but it says no such command.

Anyway to solve this?
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  1. Try to do a repair from the Windows CD. If that works, then once in Windows, go to Disk Management and try to expand the partition from there. But partitions can't overlap, remember.
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