Im looking for a router for my home i ve listed down between NetGear DG834PN and NetGear DG834GT i need a router for good coverage (signal) i want all in one solution like adsl2 modem i want to share my net connection with laptop and ps3 and xbox 360 so guys help me deciding on buying a good wifi router
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  1. help plz! :cry:
  2. Looks like the NetGear DG834PN has MIMO, which should extend the range.
  3. only 1 reply ????

    NetGear DG834PN if this model not Available should i go for DG834GT ???
  4. It's really difficult to say one item is clearly better than another when they are so similar especially when they're from the same company and the products they produce are good as is the case with Netgear. Personally I like Netgear wireless cards and routers, the ones I've had are easy to set up and work well. I'm currently suing a ZyXEL X-550, which has been very good but this model does not come with a built in modem and don't know if ZyXEL makes a router with a built in modem. I generally don't but any tech product that has more than one function. e.g., I wouldn't buy a router with a built in modem for several reasons. First, if the router or modem goes bad, I have to replace both. Second, troubleshooting is more difficult, e.g., if you have problems connecting to the Internet, it will be difficult to know if it's the router or modem. Suggest you google reviews of the modems you're thinking about buying and check on good tech sites for professional reviews. Some but by no means all good tech sites are tomshardware, extremetech, anandtech but again there are many others.
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