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I live 750 feet or so away from a friend's house. He is using a Belkin N1 wireless router and I am currently using a Hawking 15DBi antenna and a D-Link DWL-G820 bridge to pick up the signal. The bridge is connected by an ethernet cable to my laptop. It works fine and all, but I would like to be able to use my laptop wirelessly. I would want to have a device at my house that can use my 15DBi antenna to recieve and then retransmit a wireless signal to my laptop. I thought of buying a wireless "repeater", but I'm not seeing great reviews for any on Newegg. From my very limited knowledge, a router can be used for this purpose, but I don't quite understand how? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Ok you do not need a repeater all you need is a router connected by a lan port with dhcp disabled and ip set with in range of the network. Just ignore the wan port. I also suggest you give that router a different SSID. A problem that may occur is an infinite loop if your first router connects to the second instead of your neighbors if they booth have the same SSID.

    The only way to set up a repeater is by using WDS. The problem with wds is that very few support wds with wpa encryption (apple is one of the few routers hacked with dd-wrt firmware def will work). WDS is also not standardized so it is unlikely to work between different manufacturers. The belkin uses a belkin chipset and the Dlink probably uses artheros so your chances are slim. The other problem is that half your antenna is used for receiving and the other half is for transmitting is you loose half your signal.
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