One Vista Computer into Two!!!

I have a pretty powerful computer, and have an extra monitor, mouse, keyboard, and wacom tablet. I want to connect those to the computer and have two people using the same computer at once. How can I do this? BTW I have Vista Home Premium
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  1. Interesting, you can have separate desktops on dual monitors as long as your video card supports this and you can hook up extra mice and keyboards but only problem I see is that even with two mice you will only have one cursor and the keyboard will have same issue - is there is some way around this maybe by assigning one set to one monitor and other set to the other? Never looked into it and never heard of it either.
  2. In theory, you could try running a Virtual Machine fullscreen on the second monitor. Then disable (via Device Manager) the second keyboard & mouse on the host OS, then disable the first on the Guest OS.

    I don't know if disabling the second keyboard & mouse in the Host will make them unavailible on the Guest OS, but might be worth a try.
  3. It looks like it (should) work, but, i have an asus eah4850. How can I set it so the two monitors have two different displays.
    Here is what I saw.
  4. I found this. . Question is, when I log into the second account, does the main user on the first account still have mouse control, and whatnot? Also, if I just get a very cheap pc (what would you get? cheap as possible) would the performance be dictated by the main pc(fast one) or remote pc (slow one)?
  5. Quote:
    Also, if I just get a very cheap pc (what would you get? cheap as possible) would the performance be dictated by the main pc(fast one) or remote pc (slow one)?

    Hmmm, you mean to make a remote desktop connection from the cheap PC to the faster one? Never tried this as a way to share a fast PC. I have serious doubts about the extra speed transferring in a way that would actually beat the speed of even a slower, cheap PC.

    I know on Server you can remote desktop connect and have multiple sessions running which would get you what you want, generally, if too slowly to make it worthwhile. You would have separate mouse, keyboard and dsktops etc. But as the guy points out this does not seem to be possible in Vista unless a. you have ultimate and b. you hack it
  6. This is what you need, to do it hassle free and get it done right.

    Theres othe products from the same company. You might check their website for Vista compatibility.

    Update: No ista yet but if you have xp you can try it free 30 days.
  7. roadrunner, please see reply in "New System Build"
  8. Well, remote desktop wont work since RDP doesnt supports pressure sensitivity. Anyone know about using vmware to run two users at the same time? I can't just buy another compy :( Also, with vmware with two vista installs on it, can you run apps from the host os on the guest os? Or do you need to have double of everything?
  9. SUCCESS!!! I have accomplished a feat wanted by many, I am running two users on one PC--both with full support and no performance loss. I can't say however, that the two users are on the same Vista. Neither can I say it was free. The cost in the end was about 1/5 the cost of a new PC. I will post a separate thread in these forums with a detailed tutorial. In general, I ran an instance of vmWare with virtual vista, put that app on fullscreen to the second monitor, and then the fun part--usb connections.
    Stay-tuned, it may be up by the end of the day!
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