Nvidia 94.24 drivers

Anyone install them yet if so how did it work
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    Anyone install them yet if so how did it work

    I just burnt a CD with 94.24. I'll take it around to my computers later today or tomorrow and try it out and let you know. If you decide to install it and find any issues, let us know. I have 3 SLi rigs and several single card systems that could use it.
  2. Installed these and got a nice 700 point boost in 3dmark06 but I can't help but see my memory clock speed is now at 660 when it was originally at 1.32ghz on my old drivers. I'm getting better performance but the lower memory clock speed has me wondering if they messed up somewhere?
  3. And 2 x 660 is?... drum roll
  4. So it's doubled? You have to excuse me I've just barely switched to this Nvidia card from a aging ATi and I'm not yet familiar with all the quirks of the card.
  5. Installed last night bit better of a driver I think
  6. Well I tried it but it's not working with Quake4(latest patch) and would not launch it.
  7. I should get off bf and try some intense games for a test but I'm stuck in bf world, thanks dude
  8. The latest drivers are 154.18 and they work.

    Your behind the times, forget Windows update and go straight to Nvidia.
  9. I'll see what I can do. Thanks.
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