Control Panel now opening on hitting F11 key!?!

Good afternoon Board

I'm running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 with Service Pack 2.

I have a new problem (about 3 weeks old) that whenever I hit the F11 key, Control Panel opens up, or if already open becomes the active window. This is highly annoying as our in-house stock/accounts/op software uses the F11 and F12 keys for moving backwards and forwards between "tabs". Hence moving around in that system is highly irritating as I fight to keep Control Panel in the background.

I've checked that I've not inadvertantly set up F12 as the shortcut key for Control panel by dragging a shortcut to CP onto the desktop, right clicking and looking at the Shortcut key field but it does say "None" in there. Plus I understand that no conventional XP shortcut would work just off hitting F11. I'm not aware of any other "hotkey" options within XP that could make Control Panel open up from the F11 key being used.

Please can someone with greater knowledge than I, tell me what I've done and more importantly, how to get rid of what I've done.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Do you have software running for your keyboard shortcut buttons? - if any. Some keyboards have software that controls the extra buttons on it for email, internet, etc..
  2. I don't have any software for the keyboard that I am aware of. The PC is an Acer Veriton desktop that I've had since April. I've checked through the Start bar looking for software that might control a keyboard but the only thing I found was the Accessories/Accesibility/On-Screen keyboard and that is turned off. There is no other keyboard shortcut software.

    The keyboard I'm using is an old Acer USB one that I used to use with a laptop - I've had no problems with it before.

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