How to alter the threshold of “Low memory” warning?

First my setup, second my problem and finally what I’d like to do about it but can’t figure out how to do.

I have a mobo with a X38 chipset, 4 gigs of ram, E8400 CPU and two HD4850’s in crossfire, with Vista Ultimate 64 (SP1), I use this all to play games at high resolution (1950X1200).

Now the problem I’ve encountered since getting a new monitor, better graphics cards and cranking all my settings up to max in games, at the moment Crysis, is that Vista gives me a low memory warning and either immediately closes Crysis or gives me the warning, but leaves Crysis running for a short period of time before shutting it down. From what I’ve seen I’m using at most 80% of my ram, with r_displayinfo = 1 in Crysis telling me that it’s taking ~1200Mb of memory. So I’m guessing that Vista has a set threshold of around 80% ram usage where it gives you this warning and shuts down the application using the most ram.

Since with 4 GB ram, 80% usage leaves me with a little over 800mb free, which is plenty. What I’d like to do is change the threshold of the low memory warning to 90% or even 95% since it is unlikely that I’ll go up that much, but will quite probably exceed 80% usage.

I’ve already set my paging file (virtual memory) insanely high (10 GB) but this has not helped, and it shouldn’t, you can’t run high system requirement games at hard drive data rates.

I’ve goggled this problem but have not come up with any answers, any help would be appreciated.
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  1. go through your running services and see which ones you could do without, to free up some memory. has a good listing of what each one does.
    Sorry about the short answer.
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