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Hello, I'm running Centos 5.5 on and old box of mine. The goal here is to make a file server with a web interface so that it is simple enough for my parents to download from it.

Basically, we have a home theater PC in our living room, as well as watching netflix, hulu and live tv, we'd like to watch any ripped/downloaded movies. So I want to set this Centos os box to run a file server so that we can go to a URL and Pick and Choose what to download from it.

I have a domain already, and i'd like to direct a subdomain from that main one, that has Links of all the movies on the server.

I know about FTP etc.. but my parents aren't good with computers etc, so I'd like for them to be able to go to my url, have a picture of the movie with a download link next to it, and simply be able to click the download link and download the movie.

I'm just a little confused on how to set that up, I don't know how I would get links to files that are downloadable. Like I don't know where to begin to create them.
Also I'm not sure how create a subdomain that goes to this server instead of the server hosting my site


www.example.com ( This is running off server A )
www.example.com/downloads ( Running off Server B )

If anyone can shine some light on this for me that would be great, thank you
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  1. To create downloadable links to files just use ordinary <a> </a> hrefs with the file as the target.

    To connect to a particular server it's easier to just use another name - e.g. fileshare.example.com - rather than messing about with redirects.
  2. Just curious as to why you need this in the first place. Can't you just map a drive on the server from the HTPC and have it all in a browseable format from there? That way you would just stream the file rather than having to download it.

    I agree with iJack on the redirect if you do go that way. It just prevents any issues with script blocking
  3. I'm not quite sure about how to do that because the HTPC is running Windows 7 and the Server is Centos
  4. Easy. You just need to install Samba on the CentOS box. It allows your Linux box to share files as if it were a Windows server, and even to act as the Domain server for authentication. You should be able to install it as a standard package on CentOS.

    The other way to do it is to install FTP on the CentOS box then just map the drive from Win7, you can map an FTP site as a drive under Windows although very few people seem to be aware of this.

    It's a lot less work than trying to do it via HTTP.
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