Tri Boot OS

Is it possible to make a tri-boot OS from 3 HDD?

1st Hdd 160Gb---Windows XP Pro 32bit
(Partition it to 120Gb and 40Gb)
2nd Hdd 160Gb---Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit (will install Vista in the near future, ATM will be a blank disk)
3rd Hdd 80Gb----Windows XP Pro 32bit

The purpose of this setup is the 1st hdd 160gb reserves for gaming system with DX9, the 2nd hdd(160gb Vista) reserves for gaming system in DX10 and the 3rd hdd (80gb) will be used for internet browsing.

How do I make such a setup above? Anyhow, if I plug my 3rd hdd(80gb) SATA connector in the SATA2 slot of my mainboard (SATA0 for the 1st 160Gb, SATA1 for the second 160Gb), the BIOS detect it as BzBzBzBzBz hdd with the capacity of 571Gb. Why? Should I format the hdd with FAT32 instead of NTFS?

Thx for any reply.
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  1. Why would you install two copies of XP Pro on a single computer? You'll be spending more time booting your computer than actually using it. Install one copy of XP, get a decent antivirus, then do everything you want with it. Same with Vista. Also, you might want to try some of those DX9 games on Vista because chances are, they will work. Vista does have a version of DX9 for backwards compatibility with these games.

    You can do it, but to me it's a waste of time. If you insist on having both XP and Vista, then install one copy of XP first, then one copy of Vista. Use the third hard drive for extra storage for both OSes.

    Don't use FAT. Never use FAT. Always go with NTFS because it's a much more reliable file system. FAT breaks way too easily.
  2. I think if I use separate hdd for internet browsing will lessen me the chances of getting virus attack.

    I want to use Vista because of DX10 but I also quite don't like it because it's less stable OS yet than XP and while gaming with Vista make the performance drop a little.
  3. Vista is more stable than XP... not less. Using the third hard drive as storage helps ensure you can back up data from one OS so that if you do get a virus, you can easily reload the infected OS and still have your data. Get a good antivirus, practice safe computing, and you will have nothing to fear from viruses.

    The performance hit with Vista is negligible. The drivers out now are much better than the ones at launch... so with enough RAM, you won't notice much of a (if any) performance hit. If you plan on going with 4GB+ of RAM, I would also recommend Vista 64. Any new hardware will have 64-bit drivers available... just check to make sure you can get drivers for everything before going 64-bit.
  4. Ok, I think I just use dual boot (XP and Vista) using XP for internet browsing and Vista only for gaming. After a long try and error and reconsider your sentences, I think tri boot indeed just give more trouble than usage.

    Anyway, I plan to use Norman Security Suite 7 as antivirus on my XP OS for internet security browsing. I'll just leave my Vista with no antivir at all cause I think antivir program sometimes get incompatible with games program and even causing them to crash.

    Any opinion of Norman? What do you think Zoron? Is it a decent antivir? Btw, thank you so much for your input.
  5. I don't believe I've heard of that one. I use Panda at home... except on my main computer, Panda doesn't seem to get along too well with Vista 64-bit... works fine on the laptop that has 32-bit Home Premium. So on the main computer I use ESET NOD32... which I've heard a lot of good things about.
  6. Ok, thank you so much. Maybe I'll try NOD32 later. I also heard some good things about NOD32 from friends a while ago. Just finish installing my xp, 2morrow continue for vista on second hdd :)
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