Roomates hog the internet!! Help.

Hey guys, I live in a university student house with 9, yes nine other students. We all share one internet connection, which drives me insane. I can't play online games, forget any FPS games thanks to their constant downloading.

The router we have is a D-Link DIR 615, and I have physical access to the router. I'm the only person in the house who has a wired connection. Its in the basement.

I was thinking of blocking all ports that are related to p2p, kazaa, limewire, and bittorrents, but I'm not sure the way to proceed. I also want to throttle their possible bandwidth to 75% of what it could be (Therefore reserving me the 25%). My old roomate with a CCNA is possible but hes away and cannot help me.

Where should I start? Ive tried looking around google to find out how to mess around with the router settings but I'm having no luck.

Please spare me the ethics of throttling their downloads because we have a 100gb limit per month and every extra gb is 1 dollar, so I'm not paying for someone elses porn.


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  1. Okay so I have full access to the router. Where do I begin to block individual IPs?
  2. thanks a lot for your help

    Setup some QOS Rules on your server.
    The DLINK Forums would be the best place to get detailed answers.
    But this should get you started..........
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