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Hi Guys n' Girls!

Some days ago a bought my new PC and installed Vista 64-bit on it. Unfortunately though I experience some crashes from time to time, when playing Crysis, Crazy Machines 2 or watching HD-movies, so it seems that the problem will only occur when the computer is working hard. When it crashes the picture freezes and the sound repeats itself from the last quarter of a second. The only thing that still acts normal is my LCD-display which came with my motherboard, it still counts the clock. The LCD-display should report any hardware problems, but it doesn't report of any hardware malfunction, so my guess is that it is some kind of a software/driver problem.

My specs are:

Vista 64-bit
Intel Core Quad Q9450 @ 2.66 Ghz
Asus Striker II Extreme 790i
2 * 2 Gb Corsair XMS3 1333 Mhz
XFX GTX 260 896MB
Corsair TX 750W
Maxtor 160 Gb + Maxtor 320 Gb

I've searched some forums about problems with Vista 64-bit and 4 Gb's of Ram, but that problem is only when installing Vista.

Anyone have an idea/solution? It's getting really annoying!
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  1. Often the culprit seems to end up as the memory subsection, since Vista uses it more aggressively than previous OS's. But for now, the basics are to check the reliability monitor to get an idea of what the source may be.

    click on the orb, type "reliability' into the search box, and see what can be seenin the options on the left.
  2. Few ideas to add:

    1. Get latest video card drivers.
    2. Get latest sound card drivers
    3. Check your temps - failure under load is often a heat problem due to faulty heatsinik fitting or overclocking.
    4. Be sure your memory is set to mfg spec voltage
  3. I just got a new laptop and i have the same problem, my computer crashed maybe once a day usually while playing games, but my brother's computer, which has the same laptop and OS, never crashes. Is it the OS for sure?
  4. I'd run memtest386 on ur RAM Firstly,
    Does it crash if you run the vista benchmark scoring?
    check bios memory settings sometimes its better to enter the memory timings and voltages in manually if you know them.

    Update BIOS on Mobo.

    Perhaps you don't have a strong enough PSU since ur running the Nvidia 260 series that are rather power hungry.
    Try another GFX CARD.
  5. If all the diagnostics comes up fine, and you find nothing in windows logs, try 2 install sp1, in one case I had it did solve the problem.
    your psu can hold 2 systems with your configuration. unless you extremely overclock it :)
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