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My computer freezes in 11.04, so I'm operating in 11.04 recovery mode.(which works great) but it has a different desktop environment.(it seems to be the same as 10.10) I've tried everything to fix the freezing in the main program all through 10.10 and now 11.04. No results. So since my program won't work in the regular mode but does work in the recovery mode. What is the difference that allows recovery to work when the main program doesn't. I want to work with the regular 11.04 desktop and I'm thinking that if I can find out the difference why the recovery mode works and the main program doesn't >I thought I could use that information to use the main program (with the desktop I want to use) and not the recovery program
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  1. what is your graphics card?
  2. Nvidia 6600gt but I've thrown every driver written at it, well almost and it still freezes so I would, if possible, just stick within the boundaries of my question
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    The big difference between 'recovery' and normal boot is that it uses safe VESA mode for your graphics driver. This is a good possibility of your issue. I would attempt to boot into 11.04 with VESA mode and install the open source alternative driver "nouveau."
  4. That is were my journey started in 10.10 with nouveau drivers that I couldn't switch to any other drivers (in my ability anyway) I had to use recovery mode in 10.10 also, my computer kept freezing. Thanks for telling me about the VESA mode, so my question is there any way I can run the normal 11.04 version in VESA or is there something I can do to 11.04 that would allow the main program to run. One other thing, I run the lspci -v and see no VESA drivers installed.
  5. what does lspci have listed for your video card drivers/kernel modules (when boot into recovery)?

    Also what do you mean "main program". This doesn't mean anything... I assume you mean that you cannot start X.

    If you want faster responses and probably better help, just jump into the ubuntu IRC channel
    #ubuntu on freenode

    BTW nvidia driver included on ubuntu CD is incompatible with xserver 1.10 (the latest that ubuntu is using). Before trying anything, please be sure to do apt-get update. Specifically it seems nvidia has recently pushed out a new driver to fix this. Maybe it will fix your issues. Ask in IRC.
  6. It lists kernal driver in use; nvidia
    it lists kernal modules as; nvidia-73 nouveau nvidia fb
    What I mean by main program is in the boot program I have the option to boot into 11.04 (main program) or 11.04 recoverymode.

    One more point when I go into Nvidia x server setting program in recovery mode ,I get ,You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.
  7. You need to blacklist Nouveau. (Both it and the proprietary NVIDIA driver are trying to run at the same time.) "add nouveau to the bottom of my /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf"
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