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i just received my brand new win tv - hvr - 2250 from hauppauge today and i have been unable to get media center to open for a week or two now. when i ask it to open, it says media center has stopped working and gives me the option to debug or close. i debug, which does nothing and am then left only with the option to close.

i've gone through multiple e-mails from vista tech support asking me to do all kinds of things with cmd and reg and all kinds of other dll and stuff. nothing has gotten it to open again and although i was hoping that i could repair it with the vista install disk, it doesn't appear that works for anything but startup problems when booting windows or brings you back to a previous save. correct me if that's wrong, but i don't think either of those options will do the trick for me.

please help so i can watch tv tonight!

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  1. If you have run any registry repair software recently some programs can corrupt your registry and cause media player/center to fail. Try a system restore to a point where media center was still working properly. If that does not work, you will have to reinstall your OS.
  2. i'm afraid this is probably my only solution.

    can i clear up a few things before i do this? do i lose everything? it's a gaming machine as well, so am i going to lose all of my saves? haven't gotten office yet so no other documents yet. and i'll have to reinstall drivers one as a time as windows starts back up and finds them all? how about bios? i've spent six weeks getting my machine half stable in bios.

    give me the low down if you have the time.

  3. oh, and i haven't run anything like that that i know of. how do i minimalize the chances that i reinstall everything and the same thing doesn't happen all over again? i mean it's a new build so there's not a lot on it other than the components that are in it.

  4. You might run check disk and see if that repairs your files to have a working media cemter. Unless there is a stand alone media center download/reinstall I am unaware of, you can not reinstall media center without reinstalling the entire OS. So, if you can not do a 'repair' of the media center files in some fashion to get the software working, a reinstall of the OS would be the answer. A reinstall would be a new installation of the OS. So, you would have to back up all your important files to disk and reinstall those as well as all the software you are using.

    Sometimes it pays to buy a software like Acronis True Image. After I installed my OS and got all my software installed and had a 'fresh' install just the way I like it at peak performance, I clicked one button 'clone' my HD and kept it. If I ever want to do a fresh install with all my software and have my OS 'fresh' and ready to go brand new...I just install that 'clone' copy. I haven't had to, so I hope it works that easy. 8)
  5. have done the disk repair too with no results. a couple of times. i think the first time i saw the report some sort of window in vista that i've never seen again came up and told me how to do it and it fixed things for a week or two now that you mention it. hasn't worked to fix it since though, and man does it take some time to go through a 500gb hard drive...

    i did find this conversation and it seems promising, but i can't seem to log into the site and when i find the c:\ file mentioned i have quite a bit of information there and i'm nervous to delete it all as there are four or five folders along with other files at that point.

    i'm hoping to get logged in some time soon...and maybe i can get some more questions asked there.
  7. Does you 'Media Player' work? Not media center, Media Player alone?
  8. I have started using the 'Regisry Fix' on this free software recently. I have used it on my two Vista 64 and also Two Vista 32 machines as well as many XP machines and have had no problems arise after running it. It has a Registry Repair. Perhaps it may help in your situation, perhaps not. You decide, maybe you want to give it a try. I did not use it specifically to repair media center.
  9. Do you have any spyware or Virus software running like Avast or AVG?
  10. i tried avira and had all kinds of problems. now that you mention it, i wonder if that was the culprit??? not that it helps me, but that is likely now that you ask.
  11. media player is fine.
  12. Do you have Real Player installed? If so uninstall it and see if that fixes the problem. This worked for me, I just can not remember if it worked for media player or media center. I think it was media center. I'm pretty sure. Also, if uninstalling Real Player doesn't work, try uninstalling all 'other' media players you have exept Windows Media Player.
  13. i don't think i have anything else, but i'll try to search around for something.

    how do i remove on this os? i thought on xp there was an add/remove tab on the control panel. in vista there appears to be only an add.
  14. Well, if Real Player is installed, try uninstalling it. You can always reinstall Real Player. same for any other Media Players.

    You do not uninstall the OS from add/Remove. You would want to save all your important data before reformatting the HD and reinstalling the OS. Reinstalling the OS requires your HD to be wiped clean and new installation of the OS which erases EVERYTHING on your HD before you reinstall fresh.

    Your problem is a corrupted media player file or a registry corruption.
  15. Try this.

    Go to Start - > Run > type regsvr32 wmp.dll

    Copy and paste the command exactly like I have it typed.
  16. dll succeeded.
  17. tried installing the download. 'does not apply to my system'.
  18. Well, I'm about out of ideas. You might try this.

    Go to C:\Windows\System32\ and find the cmd.exe right click on it and run as Administrator and type in the window this command sfc /scannow
  19. i'll try this as soon as i post this, but what is this last step mentioned doing?

    thanks for hanging with me.
  20. windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

    details are included in the cbs.log windir\logs\cbs\cbs.log. for example
  21. Well, looks like you have corrupt program files related to your Windows Media Player. I remember Real Player caused my WMP to fail. I uninstalled Real Player and that was the fix. That was Vista 32 though. You micght try and do a search for WMP fix.
  22. not to doubt you, you just obviously have a skill i dont', but how can you tell that from what i provided you with?

    i'll see if i can tell them what you told me.
  23. i'm i'm running vista 32 hp as well. not sure i made that clear.
  24. Well, you have a conflict or a corruption of files it appears. You could try uninstalling all other media players. If the files are corrupyed and you are unable to find a fx, you would have to do a fresh format and reinstall on the OS. If some other programs like a media player or antiviris is conflicting with WMP, you may be able to prevent a complete reinstallation. Maybe take a good look at all the software you have installed and think when it was the problem occured and what software you installed at the time.
  25. the new install is going horribly wrong!

    i'm not sure what's happening, but i can't get it to install vista again. i have no os on the computer now and i keep getting notes that it can't find the required files to install.

    i messed up and did one freakish install because i forgot i had four gigs of ram in still. upon original install vista (first setup after build) it wouldn't let me install with four gigs. this time it did but didn't quite work when i got there. media center worked! but it didn't see a graphics card or a lot of my other hardware.

    i took the second stick of memory out and have been unable to do a fresh install, with the two gigs since?!

    i've got everything all f-ed up now. help.

  26. i just can't get it through 'expanding files'. it quites moving eventually and then blue screens on me.
  27. Well, in BIOS set the first boot device to be your DVD. Insert the Vista DVD in the tray. Save and exit the BIOS. when prompted to 'press any key to boot to the DVD' do so. That should get you to the Vista install screen. You should partition and format the hard drive (I hoped you saved all important files) Just follow the install procedure from there. After Vista loads to the desktop, insert your MB CD and install any drivers needed for Vista 32. Then install a video driver, all OS updates online and lastly install all the software you will be using. Kind of a crash course on my part, but you should be able to manage to reinstall Vista 32.
  28. pardon my irrational behavior if i ask stupid questions here, but i'm feeling a large amount of fear and anxiety right now.

    i'm not worried about any files as the only thing that's going to be a pain is part of a game that i had started and i'll just redo that. decided that before doing the intial reinstall.

    about the hard drive...i didn't partition the first time and don't really plan to. i'll format again as before. but after that, i can't make it through the install procedure.

    it gets through copying files.

    it gets part way through expanding files but usually only into the 20 or 30 percents. made it into the 50 once, but haven't since.

    remind me, i think this is probably all i messed up the first time, after windows does install(maybe i'll try with four gigs again???) it doesn't find drivers for my motherboard or video card? i have to go into my attic and find those boxes and driver disks and do those manually? if i had remembered that (is that correct?) then my first fresh install probably would have worked. i just had it in my head for some reason that if it didn't install drivers for the video card, it must have been related to the fact that i installed with four gigs of ram, so i started to try to re-re-install.
  29. Latest ATI video card driver here:

    Latest Nvidia video card drivers here.

    If you are having a 'crash' tryng to install the Vista OS, try using just one DIMM only of your RAM in slot 1 on the MB. Also, if you are using PC6400 800MHz. RAM, in BIOS see if you can set the RAM voltage to 2.0-2.1v. After you have installed the OS and the MB/chipset drivers from the MB CD, insert the remaing RAM. Be sure the RAM voltage is set correctly in BIOS when you install all the DIMMs.

    Oh, you can download your video card driver using the links and burn the driver to CD if need be.
  30. made up to the 70's for expanding this time, but still got the same error. 0x80070003.

    just updated to the new bios version this afternoon for the motherboard, but i'll go check if something is screwed up with the memory settings as best i can remember them.

    thanks for sticking with me.
  31. bios just froze!

    what the hel did i do to this thing?
  32. Not sure about that OS stop error. Are you trying to reinstall Vista from the desktop?
  33. mem settings all look good. that's not causing the problems.
  34. Let's see. Are you booting up to desktop, then inserting the Vista DVD and trying to reinstall from the desktop?

    Or are you booting the system to the Vista DVD?

    Also, is your system a 'factory pre-built' like HP, DELL, etc? What are the system specs, CPU, MB, video card, RAM... Also, do you have a Retail version of Vista 32, OEM version, or a MFG. system disk with Vista included?
  35. i know you aren't supposed to be able to boot with four gigs, but i'm going to try it again. settings for mem are for two sticks of two gigs. i took one out to do the install again, but haven't any idea what to do with the settings to make them 'work' for one stick of two gigs again.

    the board doesnt' recognize anything on it's own, so i spent the first few weeks getting ocz to change close to 20 settings in bios for the memory to get it kind of stable.

    i'm going to give a four gig install a chance and see if that works again. then i'll go up to the attic and see if i can get the install cd's for the mb and gpu. what do i have to do the mainboard drivers for again? sorry if that's a stupid question, but the graphics card was the only thing that didn't seem to be working that first fresh install...

    thanks again.
  36. alright, stupid question because i just did this six weeks ago, but if i can get this freakish four gig install to work, what should i have to install by driver disk other than the gpu and mb?
  37. Ok. What graphics card do you have? Also, you have 2 x 2GB OCZ RAM, what speed...PC6400? Also, what motherboard do you have? Can you list the system specs?

    Video card

    So OCZ tech support helped you set up your RAM? You had trouble getting the RAM to cooperate when you bought it and installed it? Figures about right. You will likely have to reset the voltage, speed and timings in BIOS. For now, I would suggest you use one 2GB DIMM in slot 1 ( you have a 2 x 2GB set, right?). In BIOS, try and set the RAM voltage to 2.1v. Try to install the OS that way for now (one DIMM RAM in slot 1). You can add the remaining RAM later.

    So, you have the first boot device in BIOS set to DVD and you are booting to the VIStA DVD trying to format and load the OS? But the system fails to load the OS this way?
  38. Can you list the model of yor MB. Then I can check online for any chipset drivers you may need.
  39. laptop battery is dying, but i'll try to get you this info quick.
  40. q9450
    790i ultra evga
    ocz ddr3 1600 platinum 2x2gb kit
    gtx 280 ftw evga
    1000w psu zalman dual heat pipe version

    what else?
  41. I'm not sure if this will help. I'm not sure where exactly where you are at with the reinstall procedure. Down near the bottow of the page wher you see the following heading, , this is the procedure I am trying to have you do:

    How to perform a clean installation of Windows Vista by starting the computer from the Windows Vista DVD

    Warning In a clean installation, existing data is deleted. This data includes personal data and settings. After you install the operating system, you must also reinstall all programs. Make sure that you back up personal data before you perform a clean installation.

    Step 1: Start the computer by using the Windows Vista DVD

    Insert the Windows Vista DVD into the DVD drive , and then close the drive tray. Then, restart the computer.

    Note The computer must be configured to start from the DVD drive. For information about how to configure the computer to start from the DVD drive, see the documentation that is included with the computer. Or, contact the computer manufacturer.

    Step 2: Press any key

    When the "Press any key to boot from CD" message appears, press a key.

    Step 3: Complete the installation process

    Follow the instructions to install Windows Vista.
  42. i've been there for those. i am trying to do that. i know this should be easy but i really am loading from dvd drive and it's set to start from there etc. got that part down i'm pretty sure. i'm getting to the installation, but i can't get through installation anymore. now i keep getting a partition error during install and it won't finish.

  43. So OCZ help you set up the RAM specifications in BIOS. Ok, if the installation continues to 'fail', you can try with 1 DIMM RAM in slot 1.

    Try the procedure I posted 'How to perform a clean install.." Be sure to format the hard drive from the Vista installation page. Also, when you boot to the DVD and 'press any key to boot to DVD' fails to appear, set the first boot device to 'dvd' in BIOS. Give it a try...
  44. What hard drive do you have? Is that hard drive showing up at the Vista insallation screen? Be sure to partition and format the hard drive properly with the Vista installation..
  45. yeah, that's been the roughest part of this build so far. the 790i ultra from evga doesn't seem to recognize memory so i've had to go in and set basic settings like telling it that's its ddr3 1600 and timings and voltage and what not, but i've had to enable and disable all kinds of settings in bios to get it kind of stable.

    definitely making a priority next build to have memory certified okay by the mb company (only three 1600's for this board and none that i could find for under $600) and also a board and memory that are epp or whatever so that it does all of those settings itself.
  46. Does your hard drive show up as a selection for partition and format? is the hard drive information displayed in Vista installation correctly?
  47. it's a seagate 500gb.

    i picked this one partly because it had a 32mb cache (i think it was cache, either way, it was 32 vs the 16 that was on a lot of them)

    it appears fine except that like i said, there's a big chunk of memory missing because the first time i formatted but didn't delete first so it saved the old stuff on the drive. hopefully i can get rid of that later. it gives me something like 460 available room.
  48. Maybe have a read over these steps near the bottomm of the page. Check to see if yiou are missing or skipping any procedure
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