Hard Drive not detecting - 1 PC - 2 Boot Drives

hi all,

i just formatted a drive lastnite and installed a fresh copy of XP on it.
then i noticed when i boot, my pc won't detect my D:\ drive...
(Doesn't detect in BOIS or windows)
(already tried the "Auto Detect in BIOS)

(I have 2 C:\ drives... both XP sp2.. but only 1 plugged in at a time)

basically i'm replacing one C:\ with a new on...

Old C:\ is a 80g
New C:\ is 160g
and D:\ is 260g

all seagate drives

the thing is, when i boot with my Old C:\, the D:\ is detected...
when i boot with my new c:\, its not detected...

Anyone have an idea why? :(
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  1. If they're IDE, you have to reconfigure the jumper settings. Make sure one is a master and one is a slave... or if you have a new IDE cable, set both drives to cable select. Some drives need the jumper to be moved (most common on WD hard drives) in order to detect the slave drive; it will have a Master setting and a Master with Slave Present setting.
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