Wireless Networking in Linux (looking for adapter question)

Wasn't sure if it was best to ask here or under networking but...
I have a PC doing nothing. I think it probably has XP on it but it's not been used for a couple of years now I have a dual core (which itself is not that new).
Anyway, I'm thinking of installing Linux on it. Not sure which distro yet (I'll take any advice/suggestions on that).
I'll probably use it mainly for surfing the web, and perhaps some word doc's depending if I can get drivers for the Canon printer.
I will BitTorrent too hopefully (nothing pirated I want to add).

But I can't do much without a wireless network set up. I have fios and can get decent speeds on my other computer. Ideally a cheap adapter with native drivers but something that will wrap (I think it's called ndis wrapper?) would do.
So if anyone can help with suggestions I would be obliged.
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  1. May I recommend firstly that RAM capacity for your motherboard be maxed out
    secondly, this wireless NIC
    And, dependent on what the max RAM capacity of your mobo, (do go to distrowatch and look them up)
    if only 512MB -- antiX or CrunchBang
    if between 768MB-1GB -- antiX or CrunchBang, peppermint One, lubuntu, Mint LXDE
    if at least one gig -- any of the above, plus the likes of xubuntu (note: with any of the *buntus, go with 10.04.2 LTS)

    Also, start exploring your computer with PartedMagic, then move on to SystemRescueCD (of which I use 1.3.5)

    Best wishes!
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