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Right now, I have an xp partition that takes up about half of my hard drive. The rest of the hard drive is just unpartitioned space. What is the easiest and fastest way to resize the xp partition so that it takes up the entire hard drive?
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  1. You'll need a third-party program like Partition Magic to do that, I believe.
  2. Google for GParted.

  3. Thanks, partition magic worked perfectly
  4. is there a program like this that can change the partition size already created for the Xp partition on a mac?
  5. My friend had someone partition the HD on her desktop and now the system is very slow. I see the web site for partition magic but is there any way to get directions on how to get the hD back to original condition in plain english so a newbie can restore the HD? I know it is asking quite a bit but it would be greatly appreciated.The system has Windows XP Pro.Thanks
  6. If you use Partition Magic, simply use the merge partitions option... extremely straight-forward and needs no explanation. (Actually any partition utility will have that option).

    Simply creating a new partition shouldn't have any effect on the speed of the computer, though. I'd suspect something else is causing that issue.
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