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my audigy 2 sb sound card crapped out on me recently, So i installed a new card. i used the cd to install drivers, but nothing happened. so i uninstalled and reinstalled from the manufacturer's website, still, my computer was not detecting a sound device. in device manager, it reports the sound card as working properly, but wmp says there is no sound card, and same with dxdiag command - NO SOUND CARD INSTALLED! in control panel under audio devices, everything about sound device is grayed out, like nothing is installed. i do not know my original card stopped functioning, but i do know that after buying a brand new card, using all resources to aquire the correct drivers for it, that therse something here that im not gettinG. i also tried all PCI slots, used taskmgr to kill any programs that may be using the card (none by the way) uninstalling evrything, tried to install my onbourd sound devices with drivers from manufacturer of my pc. no ace. :pfff: im really worried about this because i depend on sound from my pc everyday, and this issue just might kill me! is there anything i can do in command prompt to get things detected? anything?
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  1. Do you have any other operational PCI cards to check out whether the original failure maybe wasn't the soundcard but the PCI circuit of the M/B, which could also affect the onboard sound?

    When you say your soundcard crapped out, were you getting any sound at all or was it dead? Period.

    If it was completely dead your soundcard may not be bad after all, if theres a secondary machine you could put the Audigy 2 in to test it out you could narrow this down real quick.
  2. i do have a second comp, i'll try that. im starting to think i have something seroiusly wrong here! i thought my onboard audio would work after updating every last driver that needed it on my system, enabling it in bios, made sure it was on in ad tools, ran tweak tool, used different speakers...everytime i check in wmp, it says theres a problem with my audio device! i know that the answer to practically all issues like mine are driver related, so im at a loss because all my drivers on my entire system have been updated. im sure my sc will work in that old ibm i have, as i think my problem is a damaged mobo. its weird because the computer detects these devices, but just fails to get them working. ???
  3. Go to Microsoft knowledge base, choose OS then type in 'remove device or grayed out device' in the question box. It sounds like you need to remove it for the windows HKEYs.

    Try this but look for sound device instead of network adapters.. KB269155

    Then start with your MB sound and go from there. Remeber to uninstall and reboot each time you change the card/devices.
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