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I am in the process of putting together a new PC myself. One important issue is to decide how to do backup/restore in the event of virus and its kind.

I've been using Ghost for five years and feel it is very helpful. I got a number of "seed" imagines so I can restore the closest one within one hour or so. With this new hardware (i7 or Q9550), it is important to be able to do the same. I'd like to know what else are comparable or better than Ghost in the market right now. The OS I will use is XP Professional. Maybe I will upgrade to XP64. Linux is a possibility should I have enough time.

Please let me know of your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi

    Try Acronis True Image. I have been using it for approx 6 yrs.
  2. Try ShadowProtect Desktop. Can do incremental backups in the background in Windows with next to no impact on PC performance. We have deployed it over all our clients.
  3. I 2nd the Acronis suggestion.
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