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Hello there good ppl of Toms.

Unfortunately, about an hour ago my brother decided to put a password on his Windows XP laptop, despite typing it in twice it seems to of not been recognised. It being the only user on the laptop we now can't get into windows.

There's no guest account set up or anything similar, the password protected one is the only one there.

Anyone have any ideas how we can get into the PC? As it's now totally useless (except BIOS).

A 'password reset' disc should of been made (who actually makes one of these anyway!?) but wasn't.

Is there a solution other than re-installing windows and losing all info on the laptop? It's used for my brothers (ironically) IT degree coursework and the like so it's pretty important.

Thanks guys.
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  1. Boot into safe mode and see if you can log in as Administrator. (Hopefully he hasn't specified an admin password or if he has he remembers it). Once in there, you can create another account and use it to log on, or you can remove the password using the Users applet in the Control Panel.

    If there is an administrator password and you can't remember it, then you'll have to download a password removal utility... I can't remember where I found one, but just Google "Lost Administrator password" and you'll be able to find it easily enough.

  3. FYI; Make sure when trying to enter the password that the Caps Lock isn't accidentally pressed the password is case sensitive.
  4. @ Grumpy9117

    Nice little program to have on hand!
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