The Red Screen of Death

So it happened I got the legendary Red Screen of Death.. I was playing Hellgate London. and BOOM!

My rig is:

Athlon 6400+ X2 Dual Core Processor 3.2ghz
2 x Ati Radeon 3870 512mb Crossfire
8gb DDR2 800mhz Ram
MSI K9A2N Platinum Motherboard
1 x 150gb WD Raptor
2 x 500gb Seagate SATA hard Drives
1 x DVD Dual Layer LG Lightscrbe Writer
Ati 650 Theater Pro TV card
Genuine Windows Vista x64 Ultimate SP1 Operating System
Ultra 750 w Power Supply

Here is the Bad boy, I just managed to catch it with the Camera on the dump, it was at 85% so it was close.

So the stuff of legend is no more.. any thoughts on what or why this happened.. I have actively troubleshot the issue and cannot find anything wrong with the system, drives, drivers, memory, OS..
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  1. Im having a little trouble reading the second set of numbers of the stop error so do this
    goto google and type stop:0x00000109 (0xa3xxxxxxxxxxx)

    This will give you several answers to the possible causes.
    Try to fine a link to MSOFT if possible for a more correct if not under documented answer.

    So to respond your your question about not being able to read the 2nd set of numbers, here is a brand new one.. different stop code, and referencing DXGkrnl.sys

    and a link to the full image

    im starting to get truely pissed off with this..

    i do have the dump files and have left them here;

    though i doubt that will work as its microsoft too...

    I have the full mem dump but there is a 50mb limit to the upload so cant upload it also

    any further help appreciated.

    Exactly the same circumstances, started Hellgate London, DX10 x64.. and bam!
  3. Its trying to tell you that Hellgate London is sinking quickly into non-existence.. get out while you still can lol

    Here are 2 links to try
    The first is the standard msoft answer
    the second offers a bit more in depth ideas.
    They seem to lean towards a video driver issue but unfortunatly I dont have enough time to read them all.
    Tomorrow should be better and ill check back and try to be more helpful

    a quick addition
  5. oo, never seen red screen of death, looks scary.
  6. i second that !

    my system has blue screened but most of the blue screens are not seen as the computer just restarts randomly instead of showing the blue screen...

    although, knock on wood.... after putting my new psu, known good video card in... (still crashed) and resetting to optimized default settings in bios i had prime95 yesterday still running when i got home (4+hours) and then had no blue screen or restart all night through 3-4 hours of WoW play.

  7. So guys here is the video of it happening..
  8. Do you have any problems with any other game? Have you updated your BIOS?
  9. Nope, no issues with any other games, only hellgate. I have the latest BIOS updates for my motherboard, also newest video/system drivers.

    I mean I can pretty much run hellgate and 1 out of 3 or 4 it will Red Screen.

    The hellgate forum moderators are investigating after i provided them with a full set of dxdiag outputs from both x32 and x64 dxdiag.
  10. Hmm.... thats kind of cool. Heres a quick test for ya on a serious note.. Sounds like either video/memory issue.

    Try dropping the speed on the memory to 667.. I know what your thinking why buy 800 if your going to underclock it... but trust me and give it a shot see if the RSOD repeats. If it does... than bump back up to 800 :)
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