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:hello: I am currently running a Pentium Dual core 1.73ghz with about 1.5GB ram on a 80gb hard drive. I am using vista home basic right now and have the intention to upgrade to business. Will my machine be affected and slow down more than it is now with the current specifications or should be able to do quite well, because I have plans on upgrade my ram to about 3gb within the next couple of months, but I would just like some reassurance that when I make the upgrade, that it will still work quite well. Any input, opinions, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :sol:
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  1. Laptop or desktop? Shared video/system RAM or not?

    1.5 gig is certainly enough to get the job done in versions of Vista above basic. 2 gig is considered the sweet spot but you're coming pretty close to that. Any slowdown over basic? I seriously doubt you will notice much if any but if there is any it should be tolerable. You would likely notice the bump to 3 gig however, definitely reccomended.
  2. Its a laptop with ati xpress 200m video card (onboard shared i think??). Still think the same answer though?
  3. I've got a close buddy who has a similar laptop, except he only has 1 gig ram which is shared also. It seems very usable to me. My Toshiba laptop has 2 gig of RAM, shared, and it runs fine. Neither of them jump to like my desktop with a c2d @ 3 .5 ghz and 8 gig RAM on Vista 64, he he, but I suppose that is to be expected.
  4. This is a pretty common question, I think you got some pretty solid responses, though. However, if you still have any other questions you might consider browsing the Answers from Laptop Experts site, others may have the same questions you do and you can use the answers to those questions as a reference. Hope this helps!

    -Toshiba Response Team
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