Is it necessary to have a certification in hardware to do linux

Hi, this is Tejesh from Hyderabad, I just wanna ask, is it necessary to have a certification in hardware to do Linux. I know both Linux and hardware as I learnt abt them during my course at Jetking. I'm thinkin' to do a certification in Linux. Please any body guide me. I can reached at or 9010053445.
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    Anyone can "say" they know how to do something. Certifications prove that you know the basic concepts of the subject their in.

    Certifications prove to current and future employers that you do KNOW the subject well enough to pass the exam.

    So, while you don't HAVE to have a certification it does benefit you widely in your current job and the next. Lets face it i can walk up to a employer and tell them i'm a Microsoft Guru and a Excellent Pole dancer.. doesn't mean they are going to believe me.
  2. I would say that also the certifications become less important as you gain experience though they won't hurt.
  3. Most entry level jobs in Linux land would never allow you near the HW in the first place as it tends to be server side and locked in the machine room. The only HW that operators ever dealt with where I was working was changing the tape.
  4. Thx for the reply, One more question after having 2 years of exp. in manual testing shud I go for Linux field as the openings in Linux are very rare yet quite promising.
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