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Hi so I may be in need of driver help. I used a program called 3dmark06 to test my computer out and got terrible scores. It seemed like my scores were at the bottom for the average people in my configuration. I think I tested it and got like a score of 3000.

Anyways I started checking my drivers and I saw these programs that seem to update all your drivers. It's just they cost money. I finally got one to work and it updated like 6 drivers. Actually only 4 out of 6 were updated by it. One for my network/internet connection and Intel chipset didn't install.

Oddly even though I updated my graphics card, this program still updated my graphics card to a "newer version". When I went to the nvidia website they actually recommended me the older version driver.

I'm not really sure what's going on with my computer, but I'm not sure if there are other drivers you're somehow suppose to update manually.

Like I had to update my GPU drivers by going to the nvidia website. Windows Update didn't do it for me. I've tried searching my hardware on google for drivers. It seems to be difficult to find updates manually like that.

I just want to know if these programs are reliable or not, because I have a few on my comp and even though I updated those drivers some of the other programs still say i have something like 10 to 15 out of date drivers. I just don't know what to do. Right now I'm just restoring the old ones.

My computer specs just in case they matter are

E6600 Intel duo core processor 2.4ghz
8800 GTS 640
2 gigs of ram
Have more than 30 percent free on my hard drive.
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  1. You didn't mention your motherboard. Log on to your MB's product page for updated chipset driver, on board sound and ethernet. Update your system from the MB product page. Download and install the latest Nvidia graphics card driver from and for AMD/ATI cards. If you know you just installed the latest driver from a reliable source (Nvidia, MB product page, AMD/ATI, Intel) and some 'scan' software is telling you they are out of know better. Go to the source for the driver and install it yourself. That's the best way.
  2. Yeah I restored my drivers from before using the program to update them. But for some reason my network/internet didn't work afterwards. I uninstalled the driver/device or whatever and reinstalled it using my driver disc I got with the computer to get it working again.

    So how many drivers do I have to check for? It seems like there are 50 different things under the device driver section and all of those things are checked for by these driver programs. I tried searching for a few intel ones, but had trouble finding specific drivers for them on the intel website. I do have an intel motherboard. Haven't gotten to checking it yet. I'll do that, but what about IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers or the huge section of System Devicesor Universal Serial Bus controllers. There seems to be like 30 things just between those that I can check for updates on but everytime I try searching their specific names, it becomes difficult to find drivers on them.

    How do I know what version my Motherboard's drivers are on? There seems to be a few things that have to do with the Motherboard's devices/drivers in the "System Devices" section. It seems the mobo site also has an update for my network driver too.*+XP+Home+Edition&lang=eng&strOSs=45&submit=Go%21

    Here's the website for my mobo on intel. Can you tell me which drivers I should install. I see 2 different ones for IDT. Also would getting that bios file be good, too?
  3. Which Intel chipset is does your motherboard have? Can you list your MB.
  4. My mobo is Intel DP965LT. I just edited my above post with a link to the site for intel's drivers for that mobo.

    I'm not sure how to check for current chipset.

    I also just updated the network driver I guess. So I guess I just need to do the chipset and one of those IDT audio drivers and maybe the BIOS? Although, I'm not sure what updating BIOS does. I try to stay away from BIOS because I thought I read changing them can be bad.
  5. Number 5 under drivers is your chipset driver. Did you install Intel Software Installation utility? Your MB is old, looks like that's the latest chipset driver available. That download would update the drivers of your 965 chipset, including your processor, IDE controllers, etc. Yeah, instructions for updating your BIOS are in your manual. That would require some reading and research and maybe a floppy drive. If your system runs all right now, updating the BIOS is not necessary. You can look over the latest BIOS release notes and see if anything 'important' is listed for the new BIOS. A BIOS update is not necessary.
  6. Updated the chipset.

    Ok thanks. So for future reference. The only drivers I need to check for are GPU and Mobo drivers? I was a little confused because I thought windows update did all that stuff, but found out you had to update the graphics drivers manually and now mobo. Anything else?

    Also, if I have IDT on my system, which of number 2 and 3 should I get? They seem about the same to me. Also number 6 Managment Engine Interface seems to have something to do with thermal temp management so I should get that right?

    Is there a way to know what driver version for each thing you have so you know if there is a newer version of drivers ready? Like I know about driver details when you click on each driver, but for mobo and chipset which one do you click on? Also Management Engine Interface?

    I'm looking at the IDE section and the Intel named under it and it seems like they are a different version than the chipset says. It also doesn't look like they've been updated. Like driver version says 2006, version is while the chipset has a version and 2008 date on it.
  7. Your MB is an older chipset, doubt Mfg. would list many more updates in the future. Yeah, manually update your graphics card when a new driver is available.

    Ironically, I just updated my two 965 MBs yesterday. Mine are ASUS, so I had to go to the Intel site under 'chipsets' and choose 965 family. There was a chipset update listed for June 2008! I installed it on both my systems and have them working fine. You should probably stick with the chipset downland and install you just did successfully from you MB product website. I mentioed it because I did this yesterday. LOL.

    Like I said, your MB Mfg., Intel, is not likely to update much more for your 965 MB, it is old by now. I doubt Intel would list anything much new for your MB in the next year and beyond. You should be all set. BTW, I hope I didn't confuse you with the 965 chipset family link. My MB Mfg. is ASUS and the company did not list that June 2008 chipset update on my 'old' 965 boards. That's what I'm talking about.
  8. I don't know what I did because My GPU was already updated when I ran 3dMark06, but I just ran it now and so much better than before.

    Before when I ran it, I was getting 5 to 10 fps. Now I ran it and was getting mostly 30 to 60. Some low points at 20ish, but that's it. I went from getting a score around 3k wth the CPU running normally compared to others, to a little over 9k.

    Maybe the chipset update helped? Or maybe it was because I had to reinstall the driver for nvidia, since I had that updated version that wasn't from nvidia. It uninstalled the GPU driver completely and then updated it to the version I had before when first testing with Mark.

    About your MB. Do you have 2 comps or does your computer use 2 motherboards? What's MFG mean?
  9. I have two computers with with ASUS 965 chipsets. Yeah, reinstalling the proper driver made a big difference on your MB. That's why the score was better.
  10. Thanks for the help. No other drivers to check or anything then?
  11. Glad to help. You appear to be all set.
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