How to read music,video,and pics in ubuntu from windows partition

hi all,i have windows xp and ubuntu(partition) running on my netbook and i want to import my music,video and pics from windows xp to ubuntu so that i am able to view and play this content via ubuntu.i downloaded wine and i have a ntfs configuration app on my ubuntu.i tried this app and all i get is a PQSERVICE DISC on my desktop.but in the PQSERVICE DISC i am not able to see all my multimedia stuff such as videos,music and pics.does anybody knows a solution for this please?WHAT I AM DOING WRONG???thanks for helping guys!!!
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  1. Hi, it is very easy and you do not need wine.

    Essentially all you need are ntfs-3g, and to mount it correctly. From your issue it just sounds like you are mounting the wrong partition.
  2. Very much so, Ubuntu has allowed you to browse WinXP formatted drives from the standard install ever since I played with it back in 8.04. You should not need to install anything more than the standard install to do what you want to do.
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