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I've recently picked up the Areca Arc-1880i raid card but it doesn't come with precompiled drivers for Ubuntu.

So with a little bit of prodding and poking I managed to figure out how to compile for 10.10 and got it running manually by using insmod.

However I'm having a little difficulty in figuring out how to load this driver automatically on startup.

The read me said to make an initrd image which I've managed to do (via mkinitramfs) but then goes on to editing grub config but the example is for Red Hat which I have even less experience with.

With a bit of Googling it looked like I should be updating files under /etc/grub.d/ but then I started getting a little lost as to what should be in there.

Can anyone help me out?
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  1. No suggestions from Linux wizards?
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    Sorry, missed this query.

    Put an entry in "/etc/modules" for the driver module. Have a look here for more details.
  3. Appreciated ijack. I'll give this a go thanks.
  4. As per always ijack you're a star! Raid card driver is now loaded on startup. Thanks!
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