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hi all, does anybody knows how that i can cleanup my ubuntu system with any app or program.the computer janitor that comes standard with ubuntu does not working properly on my system,also the app "delete orphanaged packets"does not seems to work properly also.computer janitor says:nothing found.the orphanage deleter app says:"no packets for cleaning found" or something like that.
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  1. Clear up what?
  2. PreferLinux said:
    Clear up what?

    hi, i just wondering if there is any junk files that remains in the system or the hard drive just like in windows.thats why i wanted to know why the computer janitor and the orphan package remover wont work on my system.maybe there is nothing to clean,because system is clean.i was just curious how this is possible.oh yeah,how can i manualy
    search for junk files similar to windows or is there REALY nothing to clean in ubuntu 11.04? thanks for helping!
  3. A person can go to the terminal and type the command

    [cpp]sudo apt-get autoremove[/cpp],

    If it returns nothing (saying no files will be removed), it can said the system is free of "junk files."Otherwise, it will tell which files were downloaded to satisfy dependencies and are no longer needed.

    Welcome to linux, where the true power of the lies in the command line!
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