Unbunyu Can't recongnize screen resolutions

So I've recently installed Unbuntu on a few older machines, I have a 4:3 flat pannel monitor connected via vga. The max resolution which unbuntu is allowing is 800x600 but the monitor is capable of more, specifically 1024x768. I'm hoping someone might have instructions for forcing the card to output 1024... I know that its just the lack of communication between the card and the monitor. anyone seen this problem before?
HELP!!! I can't stand the 800x600 any more!!! :cry:
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  1. It will depend on your graphics card/chipset. You'll need to install the appropriate video drivers before being able to achieve any other resolutions.
  2. The card is an old rage 128. I believe the drivers are there within the xorg.conf... but I'm fairly new to linux so I could be wrong. If I go -system-administration-hardware drivers I don't see anything though. To be honest If I had to install drivers I don't even know what to do...
    Anyone got a tutorial link or advice?
  3. Wow I just realized my spelling mistakes..lol..I never was a good "spelar"....lol
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