Ubuntu "demo" (from disc) slow? (11.04 Natty Narwhal)

I've been using Knoppix for booting for a while now and i've been really pleased with it, So I decided to try out the newest version of Ubuntu, since everybody says it's one of the most noob freindly distros.

I run it from the boot cd (demo version, or Try Me version, whatever you'd call it) and it starts off fine, but almost like there's a memory leak just gets slower and slower. I'm a total linux noob so i don't know how to check what is using what resources, but the only thing i was running was two windows looking at files on different drives, and it would take about 20 seconds to open a new folder, and then another 40 to give previews of everything in said folder. Also when checking how large the file size of a particular folder was it would lock up for the better part of a minute before telling me exactly how much garbage was in it.

I was getting pretty frustrated so i popped in Knoppix and everything worked like it normally would, so i don't think it's hardware.

Now, I know Knoppix is DESIGNED to be bootable from a CD, so i'm wondering a few things

Is Ubuntu 11.04 run from the disc slow because

A) It's meant to be installed and this is just to see what features it offers, and doesn't show a measure of performance
B) I know Narwhal just came out, are there still some bugs that need to be squashed?
C) What with me being really new to Linux distros and all, could it be i'm doing something wrong/stupid that's causing massive slowdown related only to exploring folders on my hard drive and not running any program?

Any help/input would be appreciated! I'd really like to use, even just to play around with, a linux distro, and i wouldn't believe Ubuntu would be so highly regarded if it acted like this all the time.
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    1.) yes, it is much faster once run from HDD or even a flash drive. Running from CD is slow.
    check resources using 'free -m' and 'top', disk usage with 'iotop'

    also its just called the 'live cd', not 'demo' or anything fancy :)

    alternatively you could try lubuntu or xubuntu. less bloat more fast!
  2. O.K. Cool, just wanted to make sure that it wasn'tt a representation of the actual OS Itself, i was still going to give it a try eventually but i just wanted to make sure i wasn't doing something wrong.
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