Can't get past log in due to keyboard failure

I think the title said it all lol.
Replaced the fan in my laptop. The keyboard connection came off the mother board.
I tried plugging in a usb keyboard externally but it won't recognize it. It recognizes my usb wireless mouse though.
I can't do anything until I put the password in and can't do that because I have no keyboard.
Is there anything I can do?
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  1. Your laptop may have a function key to lock the keyboard. Look up your manual. The function keys part.

    If that's not it, then try another USB keyboard. Oh and you need to wait a few minutes for the driver to be installed and the keyboard to be recognized. Best use a plain usb keyboard.
  2. None of the keys work on the laptop keyboard as the connector on the mother board is no longer attached to it.
    I've tried 2 different plain usb boards. How long do I have to wait for it to be recognized and will it recognize it since it's still at the log in screen?
  3. can the keyboard plug be replaced on the MB?
    Im assuming that your log in is a password from the bios and not the op system.
    If you can get into the bios look for a setting for USB Legacy support and turn it on. That may enable the usb key board.

    If not look through the computer manual and see if there is a jumper setting on the MB to reset the password. That will delete your password so that you can get to the bios and into the system.
    Some systems have the jumper and some dont.
  4. 5 mins tops. See, what you plug in a device, Windows will load the driver before the device can be used. XP is kinda dumb in that if you don't log in, you can confirm the driver install. Vista does it transparently even at welcome screen, unless it doesn't have the driver.
  5. @Rhonda

    I know its a tedious thing to do, but plug that KYBD micro strip back into the M/B, it is possible and maybe its not as sturdy of a typical connection, but it is definitely possible to plug it back in.

    The receiving slot has little micro fingers, just push the micro strip in carefully as far as it will go, the slot is designed to guide it to its destination, and close it back up and reboot it, if your KYBD still doesn't work go back in and try again.

    Most laptop setups have the micro strip taped in place, so its obvious how it goes into the slot, but even micro strips have Pin#1 stripes, the stripe on the micro strip always goes to the Pin#1 designated side of the slot, you may need a magnifying glass to see the M/B designation orientation of the Pin#1 side of the slot, but it is labeled.
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