vista 64 bit and dfx


I bought a second hand acer aspire l 100
it runs on vista 64bits
i have no other version of vista as my other pc runs xp
I bought the dfx audio plugin for media player but it keeps saying no audio
The support of dfx said they are working on it but i should downgrade my media player to 32 bit
I have downloaded several times media player but i cant install, the message is there is a newer version on your pc and then abort.
Wat can i do to get the plug in working ?does anyone know ?
greetings from holland
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  1. If you are running Vista 64-bit already installed in your system then it is automatically you have a mediaplayer 32-bit edition by default, so it is not possible to downgrade it.
  2. hm ok you are saying i have a 32 bit mediaplayer
    tho i have a sold key it doesnt work it says no audio
    and there is no hardware or driver poblem
    when i download winamp and download a limeted dfx it works fine
    but i prefer mediaplayer and dont want to buy a second key
    so how comes i dont work ???
  3. well, I tried the free version for you, to see if it worked on my vista 64 - says 'no audio' just like yours he he

    hope that helps
  4. U know what i really love DFX too! coz i'm using it also. We have a same problem. I just bought a new computer last week ago and

    it has Vista 64-bit installed and previously i'm using Vista 32-bit with my 4 years old comp. and i have no issue using DFX in

    mediaplayer. The problem we're experiencing is the incompatibility issue of DFX in Vista 64-bit and it has nothing to do with

    mediaplayer as i said we have 32-bit edition of it. It reports "no audio" eventhough the audio is playing right? so i guess we just have

    to wait for DFX to release another version of it with Vista 64-bit compatible. Don't buy another key! just keep it ok! I don't use any

    player also other than windows media player. By the way, try playing your audio cd in mediaplayer coz it works with DFX but not mp3.
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