Windows wont get ip from DHCP router/server- FIX

Every now and again I find a geek with a Windows XP comp (others have been affected) that cannot get his computer to take a ip from a dhcp router. I also found that run: "cmd netsh winsock reset" did no good. when I ran "cmd ipconfig /all" I found that my ip showed up as However it also said that it was finding a DHCP server, DHCP was enabled, and a DHCP lease had been obtained that expired in 30 years! In "cmd netsh diag gui" the scan would always report this subnet as invalid. I found that you could manually configure any ip that was valid for the network, to force it to work. However windows would always report: unable to obtain ip address from DHCP server. I found that by going into your add/remove windows components and uninstalling the catagory of 'Internet Information Services', the computer finally gets back to subnet of and obtains DHCP Lease.
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  1. Interesting Thanks for sharing that info!
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