Vista 32bit Defrag Problem

ok so i ran disk defrag on my 160gb/5400 hdd which had about 26gb left, after the defrag instead of freeing up space i now only have 7gb.
i have never had this problem before, on any OS and cant really find much on this.
thanks guys i know you will come through!
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  1. What defrag program was it? Vista has one that runs automatically in the background.
  2. thats the one i used, the one thats built into the windows OS
    it said it was finished, just like normal..
  3. Maybe your free space was being reported incorrectly before the defrag and the defrag fixed it. That's my guess but it's just a guess. I have seen defrag adjust free space before. Yours was a big adjustment, LOL
  4. i thought something like that might have happened, i checked in ubuntu and everest, both report the same.
    and what is the strangest thing, is the longer i am on the computer (ex. using firefox, etc) the space gets smaller and smaller.
    is this unique to vista? im thinking it didnt finish defrag and still is running in the background?
    i just checked all my files in C drive at it should add up to 98, not 134
    thats a rather large it all being held in temp?

    ok i ran it i have 17.5gb free
    what is going on
  5. Ah, maybe defrag had appropriated some space as a scratch drive and then when it was finished it gave it back.
  6. Hi,
    Defrag will never create new space; it can only consolidate existing free space into larger contiguous areas.

    It could be VSS activity in Vista32 during defrag that results in space consumption.
    Please see the following links
    Althought the following deals with Diskeeper 2008 specifically, it describes the issues between VSS and defrag

    Best Regards
    Diskeeper Corporation
  7. just ran disk check, for errors and boom i for some reason a corrupt cluster
    30gb free now and burn in hell vss
    thanks diskeeper that would have been my other option
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