Buying tomorrow Final recomendations!!

OK im on a pretty tight budget for this comp pretty much pushed it to my limit. I will be almost exclusliy for gaming. I currently have no components at all so i have to buy everything. Im getting a 22 widescreen to go with it so ill be gaming at a resolution of 1680x1050. Any and all remarks, critiques, comments, or criticisms are ver welcomed. Thank you in advance for any postings. Oh and i do plan on overclocking as much as I can.

Lite On Combo Drive: 25.99

Lite On 20x Dvd Burner: 41.99

Cooler Master centurian 5: 49.99

Seagate Barracudda 7200.10 320g: 79.99

EVGA 8800GTS 320mb: 299.99

OCZ Gamer XStream 700w:139.99

G.Skill 2x1gb DDR2800: 119.99

GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 :129.99

Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 : 114.50

ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro: 34.99

Vist 32bit Home Premium:111.99

Samsung 226BW monitor: 318.99


That is what I got gonna leave it up and buy tomorrow unless someone screams at me telling me im an idiot. I am pretty much on my mark for budget so if i add somwhere i need to sacrifice somwhere else. I wand to overclock that 4300 to about 3.0g will this cooler mobo combo handle that. I know this is the better gskill with the micron chips i splurged a little there. Also I went with vista even though i know xp is running better now because i font wanna have to buy another copy later since i dont have a copy of xp now. Again this will mostly be jsut for gaming and some video editing. Would getting another hard dirve and raid 0 help? I also heard you really need 4gbs of ram to game in vista is that ture? As I have nothing are there any other cables im going to need to asemble or anything at all im missing for the build? Thanks for any info I can get. ive been pulling my hair out for two weeks to put this list together but I need honest constructive critisim.
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  1. If money is really tight, drop the extra DVD, and find a cheaper PSU. It is a good one, but other in the $75 will work just fine.
  2. well what i mean is this is my budget i can afford everything i have here just was wondering if i should skimp somewhere and go higher on something else?
  3. All of the other parts are top notch, anything else is bling
  4. Check ZipZoomFly some prices are lower than NewEgg and they have free shipping.


    Centrian 5 (NewEgg adds $15.99 to ship)

    OCZ 700W PSU
  5. Check as well for cheap parts. They usually come in a buck cheaper than the Egg. I agree with going cheaper on the PSU and getting a single Sata DVD burner for about $35. Look around more. I assume you plan on OCing what with the proc and cooler you chose. Is that a retail box CPU you're buying? You should be able to find an OEM one a bit cheaper maybe. You don't need the cooler that comes with the retail version, and if you OC you may void your warranty anyway.
  6. clicking buy in a fe hours anything else as you can see im really nervous i had to convince my wife i could build this thing myself and i want it to go as smooth as possible. PLease easy my nerves. Or am I good to go. Still on the fence about the 32bit or 64bit version of vista.. And 2gb or 4gb and 8800gts 320mb of 640mb?
  7. Stick with 32 bit vista. You're only using 2gb of ram so you won't benefit from 64 bit vista there, and you'll save yourself all kinds of compatibility headaches.

    Like others said: drop one of the dvd drives, take your psu down a notch and put the saved cash toward a better cpu cooler.
  8. The amount of memory on your card depends on research. Some say that future games will require more memory, that DX10 games will eat it up. Personally, I'd opt for the 640mb if your budget can swing it. If there's an OC version for a few bucks more, get it. Otherwise maybe OC it yourself.
  9. Well everything is bought I downgraded the 700w to the 600w and upgraded the cooler to a Ultra 120. And added some artic silver. So i think im good to go anyone have any advice for the build or know where i can find a detailed up to date walkthroguh to put this thing together?
  10. Ive been reading a lot of forums and not to many people have good things to say about the OCZ power supplies. Did I make a big mistake with the GamerXStream 600. should i try to send it back? Please someone tell me what I should do.
  11. What's your plan for future video card setups?
  12. I think you would be better off with this:

    And even better with this, if you can afford it. It's what i have:

    Try to send back the OCZ if possible.

    Going cheap on a PSU is not recommended for overclockers :lol:
  13. Well I usually wait a while before upgrading and I dont think ill ever go with a SLI setup so single card for me. Is is really a bad psu because i got everything in today and I really want to tear in and get this thing together so RMAing it and reordering a new one would probably take at least another week. I mean is it a bad PSU or jsut not the best. I only plant to take my e4300 to about 3.2ghz with one 8800gts and one harddrive. If yall really think its no good i guess i can wait and try to send it back.
  14. Ok man, don't wait anymore. Start building. It is not a bad psu, just not the best you could have bought with your money. I told you to get something else because i thought you were still waiting for the order to arrive. It is way more than you need with your config, enjoy it with no guilts!
    Happy building
  15. Next time read more reviews on the PSU you think you might buy. :-)
  16. Also don't forget the fan for the ultra 120. From what i've read they don't come with one out of the box.
  17. I have the GameXStream 600 and it works just fine with about the same setup as yours. I have monitored the power and never seen ripple yet and I have my E6400 OC'd to 2.8, running 8800GTS 640, 2 HD's, DVD, and 3 fans.
  18. i think the DS3 from newegg is 1.3ver.

    you want to get the ds3 3.3ver. for future cpu upgrade has it around 120$ shipped
  19. I would recommend is getting the E4400 instead of the E4300. Main reason: The E4400 has a multiplier of 10 instead of 9 that the E4300 has. Easier for overclocking.

    Oh, go over to Ebay. You can get the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro much cheaper. Here.

    ViewSonic just came out with a 22" widescreen with a built-in Webcam, here.
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