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In my XP CD, all the East Asian Language files are compressed, and to install them they have to be expanded by copying them individually to the HDD and using CMD to manually extract/expand them one by one.

I have figured out how to expand individual files, and found that the expanded files are what I need for the installation of the files, but each file has to be expanded individually, which would take AGES to do every one. Each file is around 20kb, and the pack is 250mb, meaning I would have to manually expand 250mb worth of 20kb files, which is a lot.

What I want to know is if there is a way of extracting all these files all at once, whether off the disk or off the files copied onto the HDD.


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  1. start, control..., regional..., check both boxes under 2nd pane, ok, insert xp cd, when asked, restart pc.

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