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so i recently found out that there are portable versions of Linux, but upon further investigation i found that they run along side window.
my question is does anyone know of any portable versions of Ubuntu that DO NOT require windows?
i have in interest in this in the event that i need to salvage files form a computer with no OS(probably families computers i have backups :D)
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  1. how about a Linux LiveCD
  2. isn't that just the regular install CD? sorry im not familiar with Linux i have only used it for a school project
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    You are able to use a LiveCD/USB. This allows you to boot the computer from your CD or USB, and be able to run the full-fledged OS from memory. If you use USB, you're able to add persistence as well, which allows you to save files without them being deleted upon shutdown.

    Ubuntu's standard install CD is also a Live CD. Google, as well as PenDriveLinux have fantastic guides on how to set up a live CD/USB.

    Good luck :)
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