XP 64 bit / 32 bit Dual Boot ?

I tried XP 64bit on my new PC but I am having issues with some software. I want to install XP 32bit as well and to enable dual boot.

Would there be any issues with these two co-existing and sharing the same data drives ? I think it should be OK.

My HDD setup is:
C: 300Gb HDD. I would re-partition this two create two 150Gb drives, one for each OS.
D: 36Gb scratch disk. Currently holds windows paging file and other temp files.
E: Normal data. I moved 'my documents' to this drive. It will be interesting to see if I can get away with having both OS's pointing 'my docs' to the same location.

I can see that one of the page files would have to live on the C drive - I doubt they could share a paging file. Anyone know for sure ?

Does Win XP come with dual boot capability, or do I have to find a third party product ?

I have 8Gb of memory. I was thinking of creating a 4Gb Qsoft RAM drive when booting 32 bit, as it only sees 4Gb.

Am I going to shoot myself in the foot with any of this ?

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  1. Dual boot will work just fine as long as the os's are on two different partitions or drives. I have done this myself.
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