May Have Downloaded a Virus

Okay, a few days ago i was doing research for school about Giant Clams (random invertebrate), and followed a link to a website. I realized right off that this was a bad site because before it loaded the page what looked like a legitimate windows box came up telling me my computer had viruses. I'm not dumb and knew this was a hoax, so I quickly exited the box but just before I exited the browser (Google Chrome) the website started to scan my computer. It scanned about one file before I could exit, but I saw for a split second in the bottom left hand corner that something with anti virus in the name got downloaded. I looked in the downloads folder but saw nothing there. Can anyone help me?
Browser: Google Chrome
OS: Vista Ultimate 64 bit
Security: McAffee (free with Comcast)

One extra note, virus scans find nothing but I know something was downloaded. Maybe because I didn't access the download before exiting the browser it deleted it?
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  1. These fly-by download and install rogue anti-virus programs do various things to prevent their removal.

    This can include things like avoid detection, disable certain functions (apply restrictions) i.e. Task Manager, Control Panel, hijack hosts file. Disable antivirus & malware scanners. Lie dormant for a period then become active....

    For peace of mind it is best to run a scanner that can weed out these kind of threats and eliminate them.

    The best scanner around at the moment is Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:

    It happily run alongside your antivirus program without causing any conflicts.

    Download mbam-setup.exe to your desktop. Once the download has finished, double click to install. When prompted allow it to update then run a full scan.
  2. thanks can anyone else confirm this? Sorry im paranoid now and I don't really want to download anything unless Im sure its legit
  3. btk1w1 is a good voice in the world of malware.
    I have read his posts both here and in other places and he knows what works.

    I also run malwarbytes on my system and fortuntly have found nothing with it.
    It runs a very detailed scan that on my system takes close to 1 hour to complete.
    I can say after watching it that it seems to check some areas that I know other scanners dont.
  4. Okay so I can just get this program and run it along with McAffee with no problems?
  5. Yes with no problems
  6. The bug I got won't let malwarebytes, spyware doctor, firefox from loading. It'll be in the task manager processes but no screens. Don't know what to do now, can't do a re-install/clean
  7. Have you tried to get it to work in safe mode?
    Often times different bugs dont want to be killed so they try to prevent programs that can kill them from starting.
    Many times safe mode will help to get it run.
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