Does 64bit Vista Come in the Retail Package?

Right, so my compy should be coming in the next few days, i was just looking at what i ordered and right at the bottom, it says this:

- NOTE: 64-Bit Edition DVD not included. Info on obtaining 64-Bit edition is included in this package, only 32-Bit edition DVD is supplied in the box.

Does this mean i have to pay extra? or do i go and download it from somewhere else for free?

Also, if i can only get the 32bit version, will my full 4gb of ram work?

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  1. If you buy Ultimate, you get 2 DVDs - 1 32 and the second 64 bit.

    If you buy another version you should choose at the time whether you want 32 or 64.

    If you have a RETAIL version (NOT OEM), then Microsoft will send you a 64 bit DVD for shipping/handling only - something like 11 bucks.

    {edit to provide link}
  2. Quote:
    Also, if i can only get the 32bit version, will my full 4gb of ram work?

    No. Vista SP1 will report that 4 gig is installed but nothing has changed but the reporting. MS 32 bit consumer OS will only use 3 gig +/- depending on your hardware.
  3. So say if i downloaded the trail version of 64bit vista, and then used my serial that i got the disk with would it work?
  4. Or will they give you an option to download the 64bit version, and then use your key that came with the disk because i will get the disk with my computer, and obviously i dont want to pay another 5pounds and have to wait for it to be shipped to me.
  5. I don't think you can download it. I might be wrong though.
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