Partitioning gone bad

 Funny way...
Ok, I think this will be useful for other people who has the same problem.
I used SATA WDC3200JS and Windows XP SP3.
I added the SATA HDD to one of my SATA slots and had one HDD that had this Windows XP SP3 running that also was using SATA(also WD).
The MS software did a disc check(CHDISC or something) and fixed the partition.
I was able to get all my data, dunno about windows, but I think it should run too ;)

Just the other day I wanted to backup my data, documents only so i wanted to use a DVD-RW to put all my data there.
Put my DVD in and it said thats not a RW disc... ?!?!?
So I decided to make a new partition from my WDC3200JS which had windows running with Partition Magic 8.0
Everything went well until the reboot.
The utility from Partition Magic 8.0 started the partitioning and stoped at 31%
I waited for 3 hours and understood that it is stuck(god damn you CPU), usualy that kind of process took 30min or so.
Now when I try to boot my windows up it loads up until the windows logo and BSOD pop up for a milisecond.
No safe mode or anything, the partition is broken.
Now Im not able to get my windows running or even using MS-DOS or Recovery Console(Windows XP CD) to get my data out.
If it matters, I did 3 simple tasks in the Partition Magic 8.0 and I remeber where it stucked(at the second task, 31%).
Nevar happened to me before, just in the right time :/
If it matters, I don't need the windows running, I just need those files, but I guess thats even more impossible :(
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  1. nm, looks like you fixed it with a new hard drive :P
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