Upgrading from a Dell Corporate copy to Vista x64 Ultimate

This weekend I'll finally build the computer that been on the back burner for a while but have one detail to work out before then.

I have a Dell corporate copy of Vista x32 Ultimate and plan to use an upgrade copy of Vista x64 Ultimate from my university. Will I run into any trouble with this upgrade when x64 Ultimate is installed over x32 Ultimate and is that considered a "clean" install?

This'll decide whether or not I'll shell out money for another pack of memory or just get a nice desk so thanks in advance for the input.
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  1. If the dell copy came with a computer you wont be able to install it. Dell install OEM versions of vista on their computers. This means that it can only be installed on one motherboard. If you try to install it on a new motherboard or new computer i dont think it will let you. Its worth buying a completely new install if you havnt ordered it already, but if you have, you will have to ring microsoft up and try to convince them that you are installing it on a new computer and you dont use the old one anymore. (i think people have done this before, not sure if they still do.)
  2. A 'clean' install is when you wipe the hard drive clean before installing the OS. You cannot "upgrade' from 32 bit to 64 bit because the kernel of the two operating systems is completely different.

    You should be able to do a full and clean install from your 64 bit CD. Use the licence key you have. If Vista doesnt' like the key, it will prompt you to call Microsoft - Do So, and tell the operator you are switching form 32 to 64 bit. They'll give you a new key on the spot.
  3. The Dell Corporate copy doesn't have a CD-Key on it but it'll install on just about any system no matter how many times I want to.
  4. The key is on the computer... you'll never find it on the disc. Computer manufacturers always place the key label somewhere on the tower as per MS requirements.
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