How do i move drivers from archive manager to ?

I suppose to load my Matrox g400 drivers (4.4.0.tar.gz) to either update manager, ubuntu software center or synaptic package manager from the archive manager (I have it there now), is the way to load it to a place were my video card can find it or address it.
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  1. No, you don't do it like that. You will use the archive manager to unzip the archive, and then either use instructions in a readme or instal file, or instructions on their website.
  2. Generally when drivers are downloaded in a *.tar.gz file, it means that you need to compile them from source, and then install them. This is usually done by the command line in the following manner:

    tar -xvzf 4.4.0.tar.gz
    cd 4.4.0
    make install

    The method may vary slightly, but it should be documented in either a Readme or Install file as mentioned by PreferLinux.
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