Netgear router ton Linksys VOIP box connection problem

Somebody please help!

I just switched to VOIP via Earthlink and am having a heck of a hard time!

When I first got my box it worked briefly, not it won't anymore.
I have a Netgear RangMax WPN824v2 and cannot get it to connect/detect the VOIP box.

The VOIP box is a Linksys model SPA2100.

The ports on the router and the NIC wires have all been tested and work fine. I just cannot get the VOIP to connect.

The light on the router for the port I plug it into is not lighting up, it did briefly the first day, but not since then.

I figured it was a bad NIC card and had it replaced, but the new one is doing the same thing.

I am pissed off and at my witts end, can anyone help me?? is it a router config issue? VOIP box config issue? What?
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  1. OK... Nevermind... IT WAS THE FRIGGIN POWER CORD!!!!
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