Will Vista support Raid 5 or 10?

I have the P5Q3 motherboard from ASUS and in the manual it indicates that it supports RAID 0,1,2,5, and 10. This is a hardware RAID. Does Windows Vista Home Premium or any other versions of Vista Support Hardware RAID 5 or 10?

Then if so is there a guide that can tell me how to do this?
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  1. The Raid I am referring about is from the Intel SATA chipset which indicates that it supports these RAID types. Question at hand, "Can Windows operate in a Raid 5 or 10?"
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  3. yeah, as of SP1 the drivers for the intel ICH9R &ICH10 chipsets so whatever array you set up in your bios should be recognized by vista
  4. "Will Vista support Raid 5 or 10"

    Doesn't matter when it is hardware raid. It is a hardware and driver issue. If you were to setup a software raid then it would have to be supported by Windows.
  5. Exactly... if Windows can see the array, it can make use of it.
  6. I have a Gigabyte EP45 DQ6 m/b, Q9550 CPU and Vista home premium 64.
    I set up raid 5 using on-board Intel (ch10 southbridge). Boot drive is a separate drive.
    All I got was grief with windows taking an eternity to load, not loading, or loading and freezing.
    Went back to raid 0 and it all works fine.

    Even tried Vista R troubleshooter but it said it couldn't fix the problem, would I like to email the info to Microsoft. I could have, if Vista and the network worked.

    So... one question... should I have set up the array AFTER installing Vista and Gigabyte intel drivers?
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